Achieving your marketing goals

Now, don’t stress, but what we are about to tell you might make you feel a little anxious… it is nearly the end of the financial year… holy smokes… are you thinking like we are, where did the year go?

For a lot of businesses the end of financial year brings a time when you get to check in with goals set twelve months ago and we hope, pop a bottle of sparkling because you’ve hit those milestones.

It is also that time of year to start planning for your next 12 months. What will your goals be this financial year? And the bigger question, how are you going to achieve them?

From a marketing perspective, here are our three tips on setting and implementing marketing goals so you can ensure the bottle of sparkling will most definitely be popped next year:

  1. Reflect – Before setting any goals, we suggest taking some time to reflect and even better, analyse where you have won sales from in the past. Often when we start working with a business they have lots of grand ideas on new ways in which to gain business. We love this enthusiasm for the new and exciting, but utilising past sales data can sometimes be missing the jewel in the crown. Could your past sales be the answer to where you can find new sales? If so, make sure at least one of your goals reflects this.
  2. Know your restrictions – Often in marketing planning sessions we can get all excited and commit to a lot of big goals. Without trying to put the dampener on your ambitions, ask yourself, what may restrict you from achieving your goals? More than likely they are one of three things; time, cost or expertise. If you can say none of these three items are deal breakers for you achieving your goals, go for it. If one does, change your goal or find a way of filling the gap.
  3. Keep accountable – Implementing your goals requires hard work and focus. This stage is often where things can become unstuck. To ensure you don’t lose focus, we recommend committing to your goals and then telling other people so they can keep you accountable. Obviously some goals you may want to keep confidential, so we are not suggesting posting these on social media! Rather sharing with, for example; your management team or if you’re a sole-entrepreneur your partner or a trusted friend. Another avenue is of course, having a marketing advisor to keep you accountable!

What will your recipe for success involve for the next 12 months?

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