Catch of the Day Review

As a customer, your primary aim is to always pay less for every product you buy. Saving money and bagging a good deal is still welcome, especially when money’s tight.

For this reason, many Aussie customers and across the globe are on the lookout for deals sites that offer redeemable discount, voucher, promo, and coupon codes for both online and offline stores.

The rise of online shopping in Australia in recent years with unbeatable offers available on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis has enabled customers to access products that they would ordinarily have considered expensive.

These sites, of which Catch of the Day is a prime example, offer slashed prices on luxury products, which makes them affordable to the ordinary man on the street.

What is Catch of the Day? also known as Catch of the Day, was founded in 2006. It is one of the leading online retailers in Australia with over 400 staff and lots of central distribution warehouses.

This online retailer dispatches over 10,000 orders per day, connecting thousands of buyers and sellers across the globe. This global aspect enables buyers to access amazing deals and discounts that are hard to find anywhere else.

Catch of the Day has a listing of over 1 million products. The products range from homewares, fashion, electronics, and groceries, to beauty products and sports gear. Also, it has a simple, easy-to-use search function that enables customers to search for and find their desired products effortlessly.

What Products Does Catch of the Day Offer?

Catch offers a wide range of discounted products from groceries and electronics, to homewares and personal care and beauty products. Also, they carry a wide range of sporting gear and fashion clothing.

If you have kids, this online store has a specific page section that caters for babies and kids accessories. Here, you’ll get the best baby bedding, custom toys, and fashion for your children be they, infants or toddlers. This online retailer is known for offering the same or better shopping experience as you would have in a physical store.

What Deals Are Available on Catch of the Day?

When you visit the Catch of the Day website, you’ll come across several savings opportunities that offer a wide range of items at lower prices. They include:

1.      Deals-of-the-Day

The Deal-of-the-Day gave this online retailer its name and is what makes it stand out above other online deals sites. Catch of the Day updates these deals daily.

Under this category, customers can access a wide range of discounted prices on various products, and enjoy a significant discount of up to 80% on every product they buy. The deals cut across all categories from fashion clothing, electronic goods, and footwear, to sports and homewares.

If you want to buy everyday products at lower prices, then you should keep your eyes peeled on this page every day for these money-saving offers.

2.      Marketplace Deals

Apart from the Deals-of-the-Day, Catch also offers its customers’ Marketplace Deals.

This section features all deals from different marketplaces, but under one roof, so they’re quick to find. You’ll be able to view the current items on offer from various external brands and categories, which saves you valuable time when searching for a product.

This deals section opens up a world of massive deals, savings, and discounts that would be cumbersome to search for yourself.

3.      Club Catch

Club Catch is a loyalty program that allows customers to enjoy exclusive deals for their continued use and loyalty to the platform.

When you join Club Catch, you get to enjoy free shipping for every purchase over $45 and receive pre-shop discounts and offers before they are released to other shoppers. The club membership fee is $6.50 per month or $69 annually.

Members also get to enjoy exclusive weekly and monthly deals for extra savings on their shopping.

Catch of the Day – The Good

What makes Catch to stand out from other Australian online retailers is:

  • Reliable customer service; the professional and responsive customer support team offers timely solutions to client issues.
  • A wide range of products with significant bargains and deals that allow customers to buy more for less.
  • Excellent delivery times and shipment policies; the brand ensures that customers don’t wait forever to receive their items

Catch of the Day – The Shortfalls

  • While this online retailer has excellent customer services, many buyers have complained about their rigid returns and refund policies.
  • Some customers have complained about extended delays in receiving delivery and refunds

Catch of the Day: Final Verdict

Despite the shortfalls, Catch of the Day is an excellent online retailer if you’re looking for a bargain.

The brand presents superb deals that enable customers to save significant amounts on their shopping. Its reliable customer service is a critical element that many online retailers lack. So, for customers willing to save some money and time on their next online purchases, Catch of the Day is worth a look.

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