Creating space for creativity

A friend recently suggested that I needed more space for creativity in my life.  A naturally challenging person, I was surprised at his comment and automatically questioned him… What do you mean space for creativity? Why do I need space for creativity? Aren’t I already creative? Where did this idea come from!?

So many questions, he had all the answers.  And as our conversation progressed he even convinced me that yes, I did need more space for creativity. Let me share with you what I learnt.

Space for creativity is very simple; a place, both physical and mental, you can go where you can freely use your creativity.

I imagine when you think creativity, something related to art or craft comes to mind.  Yes, this is creative, but what else could it include? Cooking, sewing, building, playing music, gardening, reading, day dreaming… the list could go on!  Just ask yourself, what gets your creative juices flowing?

The other part of the equation is of course the space.  Depending on your situation, this may be easy or hard to find.  I decided I would prefer a quiet place, preferably with a good view and a clean environment.  However, for you, it may be a busy cafe that you find the most comforting.  I suppose comfort is the key word here, you’ve got to feel comfortable in your space.

And what’s the benefit of this space? Naturally, this will be different for everyone.  It could help you relax, reflect or find more energy for life.  For me, time to squeeze my creative juices relaxes me.

My friend’s proposition really got me thinking about whether I really was using my creativity enough in my day to day life.  These thoughts in turn made me realise that yes, my job with Echelon Marketing does in fact use my creativity.  For example, this last week I have been designing paper origami as print advertising, critiquing websites, developing marketing campaigns and facilitating marketing workshops… how creative is that!?

However, even with all this, I have most definitely succumbed to the need for more space for creativity.  A touch of print making, trying a new recipe and some time in the garden will never go a stray.

My friends surprising suggestion had come from a session he had with Art of Mind – a life coaching business.  I really should have guessed with such a profound and true suggestion.

So, the question now lies… do you have a space for creativity in your life? Work or home? Or maybe if you’re lucky enough, both!

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