Does Having A Blog Help For SEO

When someone has a question or is looking for a specific thing online, the first thing many would do would be to search it using a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other well-known search engines. These bring use to sites that can answer or that have what we are searching for, but do we know how these results come up? Well Search Engine Optimisation has an important role in helping find these sites. This is how they bring us to websites that are considered to be related or to be exactly what we are looking for.

In order to work properly there are many ways SEO is optimised and when people do this, it helps make their site more discoverable, allowing them to advertise, market and expand their products, information and influence those who they target for certain purposes. In order to do this many people, make blogs which are very useful when it comes to SEO. A good blog has many benefits and a lot of uses when it comes attracting viewers or users and keeping the site populated.

What is SEO you ask? This is basically the process of making ways for your website to gain as many visitors as possible by making it appear as a result on search engines. This is done by using various techniques such as using keywords, creating backlinks and more. This process greatly helps when you want people to see, visit and stay on your site and is very important for those who really want to make an impact and reach out across the internet.

Here are some ways that have a blog can help with SEO:


Optimised Content

When you have published content, this is already on the internet and has the possibility of gaining traffic simply by what it has in it. If your content is about, related or exactly what someone is looking for, then the chances they will be brought to your site go up. This is especially true if your content is SEO prepared. If your content has keywords that people search for in the different search engines and includes the actions of other SEO techniques, then most likely it will appear on the search engines. This will initially acquire you visitors which later on may be interested and continue to go through your site. A good example of this can be seen on the blog for Best Price Roofing – wherein search relevant articles have been written which clearly answer searchers questions in related topics.

Making Your Website Fresh

A website that posts frequently or uploads content frequently is considered active and a website that produces fresh content. If you have a blog and upload regularly regarding whatever your website is about, this generates a better chance not only for people to be brought the site but this will also keep your website in a status that is considered to be fresh meaning that the content you have will definitely have the chance to appear. The more active your blogs are, the better chances of being noticed it will be. Andrew from Dentist In Perth notes that they specifically generate content for their website to show the business continues to be active, up to date and relevant to their existing customers and potential new customers. Bayut properties is a great example to use for regular content. They always have new listings to put up once they are on the housing market, and this allows them to keep content fresh with new information, whilst removing sold or rented properties also.

Influencing Your Audience

Aside from just using the SEO techniques to bring people to your site and keeping them there, if you really have good content and something that people are interested in, the tendency is they will actually stay willingly instead of just being brought by the search engine and such. Making quality content that actually interests people or solves what they are looking for is one of the best things you can have for your site as this is not only the main purpose for their search but it also shows that more people can also be interested as well. This may lead to them talking about it with a friend, sharing it on social media and other ways that the blog or content may be spread. This kind of influence can go around like a virus and if the content you have is really good then you should find yourself with a lot of visitors in no time.


Internal Linking Possibilities

When you have a content that has already got the visitors on your website and they are viewing the said content that is on your site. There are chances they will want to read more, look for more and search for similar things or explore your website even further. If your blog gets you visitors, then having internal links on your website or included in your content will allow them to venture further and explore your website more. Not only can engaging blogs attract and keep visitors but if it is good, the chance for them to want to check your website out more increase greatly.


Reference And External Links

Let’s you have a blog that is about a certain topic, product or something that other people are looking for. We take a situation where another website mentions something similar to what your website is or has but they don’t have that much information so they will sometimes use your website as a reference and link going to the blog that you have. “This means that your blog is seen as good reference and this give the chance to have visitors redirected to your site and when they are redirect to your site, all the other SEO techniques kick in as well“, explains SEO Company Keep SEO Simple.

Content With Keywords

Search Engine Optimisation relies a lot on keywords as this alone can increase the chances of your blog being set to the earlier pages. Having very optimised content may cause your blog to appear on the first page of search engines which means that when people search for something and see your content first, they will be able to click it and be directed to your website. This technique is very useful and search engines can be very easily attracted to your website if you know the right keywords people type in the search engine and if you have them in your content. Johnny Hoy who runs a website on different ways to make money blogging uses this strategy, with different blog posts targeting different topics to allow him to have an overall website which can rank on a broad range of keywords.


When it comes to SEO, it is important that you do not only have the capability of making your website and its blog to appear first but you need to make sure that it is also impactful. If you want your blog to help with SEO then you need to make sure the blog itself is good. The blog alone can already get you visitors, keep people on your site and even inspire them to share the content you have created. Having a good content for you blog and website is very important and can very much help with SEO.

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