Improve your business productivity

There seems to be a time limit set on everything in the world of marketing. Working to advertising schedules and implementing marketing plans mean you’ve got to know how to use your time efficiently and effectively.

With the New Year upon us, this is the perfect time to start getting your life ticking along as productively as possible. With this thought in mind, here are my 5 tips on how you can make your next 12 months even more productive than the last…

1. To-do list

This one sounds simple, but making a to-do list every day makes sure you work on the task with the highest priority first and keeps track of the niggling little jobs you know you need to get done. It’s a way of gearing up for the day and, even better, it gives you the opportunity to put a darn big line through the tasks on your list when they’re done – an incredibly satisfying and understated action let me tell you!

2. Mind mapping

I love mind mapping – like, seriously love it. Maybe it is the fact that it requires a ‘no fluff’ approach to brainstorming, or possibly because it allows you to be a touch creative. Either way, I love it.

Mind mapping is a tool you can use to help plan your approach to writing nearly anything. I use mind mapping to plan proposals, marketing plans, marketing communications and even this blog! Once you’ve planned what you need to do, you’ll find it a hell of a lot easier to punch out your task… welcome productivity.

If you haven’t ever created a mind map before, or if you just need a reminder on how to make a fantastic one, check out this info-graphic – ‘Behold the awesome science of mindmapping – an instructional’cious guide’.

3. Environment

Where you work is seriously important to increasing your productivity. Do you like a quiet, noisy, warm, cold, cluttered or clean workspace? I have written about the importance of having space for creativity in your life before, so you know what you need to do – now make it happen.

When you work is another important aspect of your environment; when in the day do you work best? If you’re like me, the morning is your golden time, but like many others you could be a night owl. Know your strengths and then work to them.

4. Break

Apparently the perfect formula for work-to-break ratio is 52 minutes work and 17 minutes break.

I haven’t tried this formula exactly (not much of a fan of stopwatches), but taking regular breaks has got to be a must do for increasing your productivity. A quick stretch of the legs or chat to the co-worker never goes astray here!

5. Food

There is no doubt food was going to make this list (especially if I’ve got anything to do with it!); it’s a no brainer really! However, as the 3:30itis kicks in, the sugar levels can drop. Try taking on tip 4 or making a cup of tea instead.

5 tips, how productive is that!?

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