As a business, your website is an important reflection of your brand, the quality of services you provide and your brand as a whole. Having a modern, up to date and efficient website will generally be the difference between your website an asset or a liability in generating new clients for your business.

Because of this – it is important to keep your website up to date as the market evolves – and that’s exactly what we’ve done with Australia’s longest running Trades and Building Business Mentor workshop. Miles Primrose from BusinessSight engaged ClickBurst to redevelop their website, to help better demonstrate the quality and value BusinessSight represents.

What did we do?

The existing website for BusinessSight was built on a non-Wordpress legacy system which had limited functionality and scope for improvements in the future, so it was essential for a complete new website build. This included an updated layout, content, images and SEO across the entire website.

The website also had to include access to BusinessSight’s external portal and new book launch sales area.


BusinessSight was already an existing SEO client with ClickBurst, but without a modern up to date website we were finding there was limitations in the breadth of keywords that we could target – which added to the value gain. To resolve this, the new website was built with a broad structure to allow segmentation of keywords to specific pages to maximise the number of keywords which can be targeted, with unique content, keywords and imagery.

Comprehensive SEO targeting has been completed across the content, headers, page titles and meta tags across the website. Through this strategy, BusinessSight is number 1 for users searching for trades and builder mentoring keywords across Australia.


Utilising both existing and new content – we’ve built BusinessSight’s new website to reflect the core values of Australia’s longest running Trades and Building Business mentor workshop. This includes comprehensive services pages outlining the extensive nature of the mentorship available, but also Mile’s results and blog content scheduled to provide a consistent stream of new information on the website to maintain it’s up to date ratings on Google and attracting the attention of site users.


The old saying that an images speaks a thousand words rings true with websites – so choosing the right images is essential for a website. With BusinessSight – we thought it was essential that any imagery used were taken specifically from BusinessSight workshops, actual mentoring participants or Miles Primrose himself. With any website – use unique images specific to your business, as stock images can give the perception of a generic, non-genuine business which has no personality or character unique to their brand.



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