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Electrician SEO

Have you ever wondered how some electrical services companies have their phone ringing constantly – whilst others wonder when the next customer will come through? It all comes down to building a market presence. Traditionally electricians in Adelaide will rely on word of mouth, perhaps an Yellow Pages advert and many now have a simple website. The biggest key however comes down to that last component – the website and how it interacts with Google.

Having an electrical services website on the front page of Google is a gold mine – with every month thousands of searches being completed by potential customers looking for a local electrician. As of May 2018, the estimated monthly search for electrician based searches in metropolitan Adelaide was over 8,000 unique customers per month. Studies have shown that almost all of those searches go to the businesses listed on the first page of Google – I’ve written about this previously.

Having a website NOT on the front page of Google is like having a billboard for your business in the desert instead of a main road – you’re missing out on valuable opportunities.

So how do I get my businesses website to the front page of Google?

Through ClickBurst’s expertise in helping tradies grow their exposure on Google, we can use proven strategies to get your electrical services business to the first page of Google. We have developed specific methods which are cost effective, to ensure that you will achieve a strong return on investment to build great brand exposure, build your referral network and gain repeat customers.

Depending on if you have an existing website or new a complete new website developed, we can help. Our team are local, all Adelaide based and with a strong knowledge of the local market.

What are some of the things you do to improve my position on Google?

Google has a system in which it uses to determine which order to rank businesses when potential customers make a Google search. This system is based on a series of algorithms which has set parameters – if you fit their particular model they will favour your website; and if you do things which Google dislikes they will in turn disfavour and reduce your rank. Our team has an extensive knowledge in understanding the Google algorithm system and the levers to help boost your rankings dramatically. By making subtle adjustments to websites and brand exposure strategies we can get you infront of more customers and generating more revenue.

Ready to get ahead of your competition and start gaining more customers? ClickBurst can help. Contact us today and we will develop a strategy which will provide a strong return on investment.

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