By opting in for this service, ClickBurst will use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in conjunction with AdWords to boost your website to a prominent position on Google when users search specific keywords. Unlike regular SEO methods, this will require a lot less time and you have the potential to almost immediately be on top.


It may sound easy, but utilising AdWords and PPC advertising requires a certain level of expertise to ensure that your budget is effectively spent instead of throwing it down the drain. ClickBurst provides AdWord and PPC Management Packages that are tailored to your needs, to make sure that you are paying the right price for the right keywords so that your advertising reaches your intended audience. Our AdWord and PPC Management Packages include:

  • Researching keywords to find out what is optimal for your situation and budget
  • Establishing the best market place to target for your business to gain new clients
  • Creating limits on keyword bidding prices to prevent unnecessary expenses
  • Tracking PPC results and analysing statistics to further optimise your budget

Contact us today if you would like us to setup an AdWord and PPC Package for you, or if you have any further inquiries.

Google AdWords Services