The Best WordPress Plugins for 2019

One of the benefits of having your website designed in WordPress is having access to the vast library of plugins available. Whether you’re looking to capture information from potential leads, increase the speed of your website or add features which improve the user experience, there’s a plugin out there for you. To help out website owners, we’ve compiled a list of the six favourite plugins from different SEO and internet professionals for 2019

All-In-One SEO Pack – SEO Plugin

Starting at the top of the list and recommended by TelcoCompare, we begin with All-In-One SEO. AIO SEO Pack espouses to be the original SEO plugin, with over 50 million downloads and running for over 12 years. AIO SEO Pack allows website owners to control the core functionality of SEO on their website, building sitemaps, adjusting meta tags, page titles, meta description, image tags and much more. On, AIO SEO Pack has a current 4.5 star rating out of 5 and consistent track record of updates to keep in line with Google algorithm guidelines.

AMP for WP – mobile page-loading speed plugin

AMP for WP is a plugin which automatically adds Accelerated Mobile Pages functionality to your website. What does this mean? AMP is a Google project used to make websites faster loading for those on mobile devices – which is incredibly important for those looking to target the majority of users browsing the internet on their mobile devices. Awesome Web Designs recommends AMP for WP and can help with AMP optimisation.

Yoast – SEO Plugin

Yoast is the most used SEO plugin currently for WordPress – used commonly from amateur website owners to full suite marketing agencies. Recommended by Lakewood, they use Yoast on almost all of their WordPress websites. Adam Haworth from Lakewood Media notes “Not only does it make managing meta descriptions and titles on large sites as breeze it is also a very user-friendly tool that our clients can understand. Because our clients can understand the basics using the Yoast interface it allows them to be consistent in writing optimised meta descriptions and titles.

Business Reviews by Rich Plugins – Reviews Display Plugin

Reviews are great – they help validate the quality of your business, products and services you provide. But did you know that Google also factors in your reviews into ranking and display algorithms? This is where Business Reviews by Rich Plugins is great. We at ClickBurst SEO use these for our clients as much as possible, linking either a client’s Google, Facebook or Yelp reviews to their website allowing these reviews to be seen by potential customers. Likewise this linkage allows Google to in many cases display your reviews within the search engine results – an essential edge on your competition. Get ahead with more click-throughs and conversions by using this great plugin.

WP Rocket – Caching Plugin

WP Rocket is arguably known as one of the best speed related plugins currently on the WordPress marketplace. With functionality to assist with page caching, website pre-loading, file compression and CDN access. WP is simple – the plugin is designed to get people onto your website faster and using your services, than your competitors. Mint Twist recommends this plugin for our round-up, as an essential plugin they use to optimise the speed profiles of their clients websites.  

Securi – website Security Plugin

Website security is essential for any website owner – as malicious attacks can leave your asset vulnerable to manipulation of content, client data or even complete removal. This is where Securi can help.

Sucuri allows anyone to quickly secure their WordPress website from hackers. The plugin is free for the basic version and it allows you to, with 1-click, to secure vulnerable folders and protect your site from bots and other hackers.

The great things about Sucuri are that these basic vulnerabilities can seem over whelming to a non tech WordPress developer to do and the 1-click hardening functionality it offers secures these folders without knock on effects.

Sucuri also alerts you for successful login attempts, file changes and failed login attempts. This allows you to see when things on your website have been updated – possibly not by yourself – and block those robots that keep trying to brute force your WordPress login page.

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