Do Letterbox Drops Work?

Are letterbox drops an effective marketing strategy?

For a while now, letterbox drops have been a leading marketing approach for businesses and brands. The procedure involves printing leaflets and dropping them inside target audiences’ letterboxes.

Traditionally, brands have used leaflets to reach people on the street and in residential estates. However, with the increasing need for personalisation and targeting, letterbox drops are becoming the best idea for physical marketing.

As technology advances, many audiences are shifting to digital platforms, and digital marketing is becoming the order of the day for many brands.

In this regard, you might be wondering whether letterbox drops are worth your business’ time. Does this marketing approach still work?

Well, the answer to this question is, yes. Letterbox drops do still work, and here’s why:

A Significant Number of People Read Letterbox Drops Everyday

Even with the increase in the use of digital platforms where people can access information on various brands almost immediately, a large number of audiences still rely on letterbox drops for their information needs and to make purchasing decisions.

According to research by Roy Morgan, 13.4 million Australians read letterbox drops every week. This number is significant, and no marketer can ignore it. As businesses focus on virtual marketing, it is also advisable to consider using this approach as part of your overall marketing mix.

Letter Drops Use a More Personalised Approach

Regardless of the marketing method you use, personalisation is becoming a crucial aspect in achieving an ROI on marketing spend. Customers are looking for service providers or buyers who address them personally, and meet them where they are.  People are no longer interested in mass messaging, which is the mode of many digital marketing approaches.

Unlike virtual marketing, letterbox drops help you to fulfil your customer’s personalisation desires. Customers will feel honoured when they find a catalogue or marketing material from your business in their mailbox with their name on it.

The letterbox drops pass the message to your target audience effectively as each person will likely open their mail daily. As a result, letterbox drops can, in their way,  enhance your conversion rates. Recipients will develop a high interest in your products and services due to the personalised approach, which will likely turn them into confirmed buyers.

Many Australians Prefer Tangible Material over Online Ads

Letterbox drops meet the audience desire for solid materials.

For this reason, Australians prefer going through a letterbox drop than viewing or digital or online ads. Also, there is a conception that these materials provide detailed information about a particular product, giving authentic sources of information for prospective buyers.

Again, sales letters provide you with an opportunity for businesses to use creativity in their design. This aspect letterbox drops more appealing and impressive than emails or online ads.

Take, for instance, visuals – you can use visuals on the cover page of your marketing materials to impress the recipient and tempt them into opening your catalogue or leaflet. First impressions are crucial in marketing; hence, if you use your letterbox drop creatively, you can boost your conversion rates and revenue generation.

Opportunity for the Target to Effectively Absorb Your Message

As many brands adopt digital marketing options, the letterbox drop is becoming a less cluttered approach.

Australians are no longer receiving massive promotional materials in their letterboxes. While this might seem a relief, it can be an excellent opportunity for you to utilise this marketing gap. As noted above, physical materials entice customers into purchasing a product or service. Also, reading physical catalogues is a part of the Australian buyers’ culture.

With the reduction in the number of letterbox drops, Australians are more likely to go through any leaflet they find in their mailbox. So, Customers are expected to read and absorb your marketing material than if you place it on the crowded online marketing space.

Hence, using this option boosts your marketing message reach and targeting especially with older buyers.

Final Thoughts

In a word, letterbox drops do still work.

Despite the increasing adoption of digital marketing in business, letterbox drops remain an efficient and effective marketing approach. Its alignment with Australian buyers’ culture and personalisation makes it a good option for generating leads in your business.

Nonetheless, it is essential to have explicit advertising when using this method. Without clear objectives, it will be hard to assess whether your letterbox drop was a success or failure.

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