ClickBurst utilises modern marketing strategies to increase online exposure.

You may be wondering what the big deal about Search Engine Optimisation is, also commonly referred to as SEO, and we at ClickBurst can help you understand why it is important and how you can start reaping its benefits.

SEO is the practice of utilising different techniques and strategies to help websites reach their intended audience through a Search Engine medium, such as Google. With abundant online access in today’s society it is so easy to search for anything and be redirected to an appropriate company or service, but what determines whether you or your competitor’s listing rises to the top?

If you are ready to take the technological leap of faith, we at ClickBurst are ready to employ our array of services and strategies to realise your brand’s potential and bolster your success.

Every month 1000’s of your potential customers are searching online for your service

Here’s a snapshot of how much traffic four different industries receive from one keyword. With each industry having 100’s of unique keyword terms searched each month – you can imagine how much business is being generated through online searches.

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SEO Adelaide
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Electrician Adelaide
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Plumber Adelaide
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Florist Adelaide

Do you want to find out how many people are searching for your service each month?

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of developing and running websites which assist search engines such as Google to easily be able to identify and categorise the content and likelihood of users to want and need the information available. The more a website is deemed useful to searchers, the higher the ranking which in turn can lead to greater leads and business opportunities for those who run businesses with an internet presence. ClickBurst is an Adelaide SEO company who help businesses get an edge on their competition through using consistent and reliable strategies to build long term potent results.

What are the goals of SEO

The goals are simple – to provide a cost effective marketing pathway which can allow businesses no matter the size the capability to have their brand put in front of millions of households across Australia. Through SEO and content strategy development,

Examples of which types of South Australian businesses can benefit from SEO

SEO can be particularly potent for several industries in particular, not limited to:

  • Tradesperson based businesses – electricians, plumbers, gardeners, carpenters, flooring installers, roofers etc
  • Hospitality – restaurants and cafes more than ever are relying on their brand and quality coming across on social media and web presence. Having a content strategy which targets food based review sites such as can give you an edge on your competition
  • Medical practices – dentists, optometrists, psychologists, physiotherapists, chemists – just some of the many health based professionals whose businesses can gain substantial traffic from online marketing strategies

What are some the techniques which can be used

  • Content Development Strategies – consistent delivery of rich, unique content over time on your website can strongly influence your position with rankings and we can develop year-long content campaigns to provide for superior positioning, social media outreach opportunities and cross linking capability for supporters of your brand
  • Website optimisation – all clients will receive this as there is always room for improvement in fixing common and uncommon mistakes which are penalised by Google’s alogrithms
  • Brand outreach – using our network of supporting businesses, news agencies, consultants and media we can help expand your brand into known media brands to boost your brand recognition and authority as a trusted brand for your customers

What do we pay particular focus on that most don’t

  • Unique bespoke content – unlike many other providers, we personally generate unique rich content which provides a strong customer experience and helps with your position for gaining further customers, instead of outsourcing it to overseas based non-english speaking content writers who focus on low-grade work which can degrade rankings
  • Experienced Relationship Manager – as a client you have a dedicated relationship manager who helps ensure your needs are being met and goals are being achieved. Not only is your RM an experienced SEO consultant expert – but also with a background in running businesses which have leveraged marketing through the online space and grew sales of products of over $100milAUD

SEO focused web design

Many businesses make the mistake of spending substantial money on websites built by web developers who may have little to no understanding of search engine optimisation techniques, and so end up making multiple mistakes which set back your ability to feature prominently in the Google searches of your potential customers. In most cases we thankfully can optimise and amend these websites, but in some cases depending on the age of the website and type of platform used it may be more cost effective to have a new SEO friendly website built by our SEO experts.

We Can Help with AdWords

Unsure whether pay-per-click (PPC) marketing such as Google AdWords is right for you? We can review your needs and come up with a strategy which reviews whether PPC marketing is good value for your needs. We work with local Adelaide businesses which can have a mix of both organic SEO based marketing and PPC based advertising to provide the best of both worlds where possible.

What we don’t do

As web marketing professionals we take our careers and industry seriously – so there’s things we won’t do:

  • We will NOT push any marketing strategy for the sake of it on our clients. We firmly believe that any strategy/plan should be justified with a strong enough return on investment for our clients.
  • We won’t take all clients on. The reality is that we know all clients or business types are the right fit and we will let you know upfront if that’s the case if you make contact with us. Sometimes in the industry there may not be anything we can do to help a client and we would rather direct them to alternative marketing options which will provide them with the best bang for buck solution if we cannot provide it
  • We work solely with clients in the Australian market, in particular those in South Australia. Whilst some SEO specialists will try to take work wherever they can get it – we prefer to specialise our knowledge on understanding the needs and strategies to help those in our local market.

Adelaide – we’re keeping it local

Unlike many other SEO agencies advertising in Adelaide, we’re local. Our staff and locals and we value having the ability to truly understand who our clients are, where they come from the customers they’re trying to target. When you say a suburb in Adelaide, we’ll actually know what you’re talking about without having to jump to Google Maps. With both Crows and Port supporters at ClickBurst – we’re guaranteed that someone will always be happy at the Showdown results each year.

There’s something to be said with being able to not only pick up the phone or send an email – but to also be able to sit down together and grab a coffee to talk about the needs of your business and how as SEO specialists we can work together to reach your goals.