Should you use Legiit? 2020 Review.

As a digital marketer, you’re often looking to build new connections with product and service providers who can help you with your outsourcing needs. Likewise as a provider, you’re wanting to get in front of more buyers. Managing contact, payment disputes, order deliveries can all make this difficult – and that’s where marketplaces like Legiit come in with a holistic online solution.

What is Legiit?

Legiit an online digital marketing marketplace which allows buyers and sellers to connect their needs and services through an efficient, secure cost effective platform. Starting in 2018, Legiit has grown from humble beginnings to be an effective frontrunner for those looking to sell or buy digital marketing and web services.

What makes Legiit different?

Being one of the newest marketplaces in this space – the intuitive design and quality put it ahead of the more time tested competitors. Likewise being niche specific compared to alternatives like Fiverr, as a digital marketer you’re able to spend more time finding the best providers for your needs without getting lost in less relevant listings. Boasting over $4 million in sales since startup, Legiit may be the new guy on the block but it’s no small business.

Legiit’s core categories include graphics & design, SEO, internet marketing, video, audio & music, programming & technology, business and writing services.

What’s great about Legiit?

Active Facebook group

Legiit’s founder Chris Walker also runs one of the largest groups on Facebook – Superstar SEO. This group is a treasure trove of digital marketing, web development and general online marketing information. With the strong connection with Legiit, you’re able to get the right advice and suggestions to sellers on Legiit who can help you.

Alongside Superstar SEO, there is the official Legiit Facebook Group with over 4,400 active members.

Simple affiliate commission system for all users

The affiliate system with Legiit is integrated seamlessly for users and sellers – allowing the ability for any user to recommend any product on the marketplace and earn a commission. With commissions being significant (15% of the sale price), it is possible for subject experts to recommend providers and gain substantial revenue through these affiliate sales. Affiliate funds can be used to purchase services on the marketplace as credit or withdrawn to your account.

One of the latest marketplaces with active updates by the developer

As mentioned earlier in the review, Legiit is a relative newcomers to the scene being founded in 2018. This has meant that unlike many older legacy service providers, Legiit has a clean interface using the latest intuitive design saving the user time and allowing them to get on with the task at hand – finding the right product provider or selling their services.


Unlike many other marketplaces, Legiit has an active TrustPilot account – with an average 4 star/ 83% excellent review status.

Rating system

With any marketplace it can be difficult to find the right service and trust the quality you will receive. With the simple rating system through Legiit, you can find out exactly how the sellers have performed for previous purchasers


  • Sellers cannot disabled affiliate links, so it is possible to “lose” 15% if your product or service is sold via this method
  • The only payment method is currently Paypal (as of 2020 credit card is now available!)

Final Thoughts

Legiit offers an effective marketplace for buyers to find products and services and a new avenue to sell products as a seller. With hundreds of thousands of freelancers and users on Legiit, you’re no doubt going to find cost effective digital services and products to help take your business to the next level.

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