Web design trends in 2020

In a fast-changing world, web design has to evolve and adapt to all the latest trends. Some trends fade away really fast, others can last in time. Many trends we encounter in 2019 will still be popular in 2020, as others new trends will emerge. Let’s have a look on what is coming next in terms of web design and how we can use these trends to our advantage.


Mobile first

More and more people surf the internet every year on their mobile phones. It is essential for web design agencies to give priority to mobile design. Probably, mobile design is not a trend anymore, but a must. What does mobile first mean? Instead of designing a website for desktops and then customizing it for mobile, it has to be vice versa. Design for mobile and customize it for desktops. Websites nowadays must look like an application and have an outstanding UI / UX to drive traffic and sales.



Although users who visit the site for the first time should be impressed with the content and design, it should also be eye-catching. Graphics tend to be minimalistic and provide clean design solutions.

Minimalistic design can benefit your site on Google’s search engine positions and drive more traffic. With a clean User Interface you get a fast-loading website, lower CPU requirements and bandwidth.


Personalized User Experience

UX is now one of the most dominant components in web design. A bad user experience will greatly hinder your website in 2020, as user requirements will be extremely high. Some simple changes can make wonders for conversions. To create a personalized experience for your users, you definitely need to start a demographic survey before you begin the design & development. Create customer personas and understand your audience, will make your life easier.


SEO driven content

Increased competition for Google search engine rankings makes SEO-driven content necessary. This trend will rise in the coming years and optimized content will be the norm. Using various tools like SEMRush, Keyword planner and more, will be necessary to find the right keywords. Using these keywords during the website development will make it easier for designers and writers to create the right SEO friendly content. Following an SEO strategy in the early stages of website design will give you a significant edge over the competition in your niche.


Voice navigation

For the year 2020, programmers will need to aim for high website accessibility. It stands to reason that as many people can use your website and enjoy its content, will favor your search engine rankings. Voice navigation can provide access to a portion of users who may not be able to use the mouse and keyboard, or a touch screen.

Reasons can vary. It could be medical, or just need to browse the web as you walk. Voice navigation offers users a better quality of life, and we certainly need to help find its way into the future.

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