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Finding clients a pain the back? Want to have a crack at growing your online exposure? Need a website which is more aligned to your business image?

Ok that’s enough puns.

Today we’ve just launched one of our clients’ new website. Body Focus Chiropractic is a chiropractor in Adelaide based in the inner eastern suburb of Toorak Gardens. Right opposite Burnside Village on Portrush Rd – Body Focus Chiropractic has a very visible brand for the thousands of commuters and shoppers passing each day.


Unfortunately unlike their businesses prominent physical location, Body Focus’ website hasn’t provided the same presence – this is where ClickBurst comes in.

The Plan

Body Focus Chiropractic had gone through a brand update over the last 24 months, with updated logos, stationery and signage, but the website remained with only minor changes over the last 6 years. To bring the website in line with the other parts of the business, a completely new website build was essential. The new website would include being built on the WordPress platform, updated layout, content, images and functionality to provide both a better experience for users and importantly, to improve the visibility on Google.


A review of the original website’s performance

No previous search engine optimisation had been completed on the website or any previous iteration, so a complete overhaul with both onpage and offpage work being scheduled to help provide the fundamental shifts required. Onpage SEO includes completing all headers, page titles, meta tags, whilst balancing all keyword usage to meet Google’s algorithm requirements, whilst maintaining a good quality user experience.


As with any SEO campaign, this includes an ongoing content building campaign to generate useful information to users viewing the website across the large breadth of topics on chiropractic health and general wellbeing. This content is utilised through both through information pages on conditions and common pain problems, but also an ongoing health tips blog which includes specific chiropractic information, along with more general health and life advice.


There’s a tendency within the health industries to go one of two ways with images – either using generic stock imagery which more often than not are corny to say the least, or more commonly, rely on old images taken within the practice environment. With the new website build, we’ve been mindful to utilise new images from within the practice where possible, and otherwise using imagery which is relevant to the content of each page and respectful of the quality and professional of the brand which it represents. As always, it’s very important to only use images which you are licenced to utilise, to avoid potential copyright issues.

Are you interested in finding out more about Body Focus Chiropractic and the services they provide? Check out the new website today.

If you’re looking to have a new website design built or update your existing website, ClickBurst provides no obligations quotes on options tailored to your specific needs. Have your online presence reflect the quality of your business.


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