How To Build A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing is a great way to share, introduce and bring interest about something you are focusing on, advertising or trying to bring into the eyes of your audience. This is done by using different platforms and creating media that can attract the attention of potential audience and keep them with you by engaging them with good content and information that they need and are interested in. It is not always fun and games though, sometimes the startup can be rough and challenging as not everyone may be interested, aware or appreciative of the posts you have. Knowing how to build a social media marketing strategy can help you reach the goals you have of reaching thousands to millions of people as long as you can make an effective strategy and follow it thoroughly.

  1. Aim For Results

For starters, you need to set a goal for your social media marketing strategy. Aiming for a huge goal is good but you need to make sure it is realistic. Start for aiming to reach a certain number of user, followers or registered people within a certain amount of months for example. By setting a target each time and reaching it, this brings not only progress by an achievable goal but also confidence once you hit that goal. Every time you reach that goal, set another one which aims higher and so forth.

This ensures that you can actively work towards the main goal you have by progressing bit by bit as many people tend to lose hope if they do not reach their large goal within the allotted time. Giving yourself a step by step type of goal system will allow you to both progress and analyse how you reach it, allowing you to understand and repeat what the good steps were and avoid repeating any bad steps you have made while aiming for the goal.


  1. Determine Your Audience

Knowing your audience is very important and will be one of the main details you need to understand to be able to target them and any other people that can be targeted by the social media actions you do. Being able to know who your target audience is will allow you to focus on their interests based on several factors such as age, gender, groups joined and many other details. Knowing what people are interested in and knowing what they want will allow you to take this into consideration so you may later on develop, execute and improve your methods when working towards getting more interactions with them.

If you figure out what people are interested in and what they want, you can adjust your methods to best cope with these factors, allowing you to have a better reach towards them and expect better reactions due to the adjustments you have made. Once you determine who your target audience is and what the interests they have are, you have a better chance of influencing them which will result in them spreading the same amongst not only those with similar interests but others as well.


  1. Keep Track Of Data

Data is important and keeping track of all the followers, users, likes, comments, reaches, engagements and more with your media is important. Knowing which media movements and posts you have that affect people will allow you to see which kind of content has caught their interests and this can tell you which kind of media you should continue or discontinue as well as the kinds of actions you do that engage your audience. Likewise you should be gathering data on users who visit your site using SMM tools like Facebook Pixel, so you can use remarketing strategies to audiences which are already familiar with your service offering.

It is important to know how your posts affect your audience as well since some people may have seen your post but did not even bother to click it while sometimes others may look at a post but decide to not interact further. There are ways to check these depending on which platform you are using which give you good detail and understanding on which of your posts are effective.



  1. Analyse The Competition

In most social media marketing situations, you will not always be the only one working on a certain trend, topic, product, site or more. There will most likely always be someone else who has the same goal as you and perhaps a different offer than yours for people to see. It is wise to see what your competition is up to, what are they doing and if you are doing the same thing.

If you and your competition are doing different things, there is no harm in continuing with what you are doing while adding the same thing they do to broaden you impact. One of the biggest mistakes is taking pride in your own strategy that you forget to adapt and expand your options. If your competition is doing something effective that you have not done, it would be a good step to do what they are doing or do something better as you are competition after all and don’t want to be left behind.

Be sure to target all audiences that you can and make sure that your posts cover everything needed. Making sure of this can give you and edge and analysing your competitors moves and doing something similar or better may give you a huge boost in results later on.


  1. Create Impactful Content

One of the most important steps is creating the content that you will be sharing with your audience. This has to be able to impact the audience, grab their attention and keep them interested. No one wants to spend time viewing or reading something that just goes on and on about the same thing. You need to grab their attention, be informative, make your point and broaden up the details to an extent where you reel them in with a good intro and keep them on the hook with marvellous content.

Avoid having the same content as others, having posts that are way too long and that may not mean anything at all. People want to read things that will interest them and tell them something, not just content that keeps them on a page or keeps them reading for a long time. Choose the right words to say as these do not only get the attention of people but also search engines which can lead others to see your great content.

Make use of common SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) techniques as these can greatly affect the rate of which people may come across your media. This can reel them in and it is up to you to provide them with good content to keep their attention and convince them to stay.


  1. Be Responsive

A lot of people forget to interact with their audience and this makes the audience feel they are not important or worse, the media you are posting is just some sort of spam or unimportant. People that have queries, feedback and even comments should all be handled well and not ignored or improperly responded to. It is social media after all and that means you need to get to your audience in many ways which socially involves replying to messages, comments and queries.

The more responsive you are, the more your audience will know that you are serious and your media is special. People will indeed love the fact that you post things that interest them but responding and acknowledging them as well will greatly improve the way things go.


  1. Expand And Explore Other Platforms

There are several social media platforms out there that we use and have friends, family and business partners on. It is a good step to focus on expanding to these and making content, posts and other interactions with these social media platforms instead of just one. Managing them may be hard but if you have a good plan on how to do so then things will be easier as they can be more organised then frolicking from one application or site to another.

Don’t just stop with the most common social media platforms, if you really want to spread out then you should go out there and hit other social media platforms that you have and later on when things are going well you can target those that you don’t even have. The more you spread your influence, the better the chance you can reach your goal.


  1. Monitor And Improve

Whether things go good or bad, you can’t to skyrocket on the first time you set things up. It takes time and effort so you need to be patient and work hard in order to improve everything. After a period of time, take the opportunity of monitoring the progress that you have made. See how people react to the posts you have, view their comments and take not of their suggestions and feedback. These can help you improve your media. Be aware of structural changes which also may impact your results and be unrelated to your specific actions – such as Instagram hiding likes on posts.

Take the time to see what posts you have that were the most engaging, had good reach, affected and interested people. This can help you synthesise better strategies to furthermore improve the way your media impacts people. Being able to understand how your media can affect people will greatly help you replicate or innovate new strategies to get to the goal.


When it comes to social media marketing you need to set up a guide for yourself to follow, this makes up the strategy for you to use. Aiming for a goal requires hard work and dedication and by focusing on reaching the goals you have set out by following the necessary steps, in time you will achieve them. For you to be able to accomplish your target when it comes to social media you should make sure you take all opportunities available and explore all options that you have to have a higher chance of reaching your goal quicker.



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